VALMAX Capital Partners provides independent private equity capital to support entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. Due to our financial resources, access and experience, we can help our investee companies achieve rapid growth, both organically and through acquisitions.

VALMAX gives Small-and Medium enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to grow organically and through acquisitions. We invest in markets with attractive characteristics such as steady growth, sufficient size and sustainable profitability in line with the consolidation strategy.

We look for industries affected by changes due to outsourcing and efficiency, recreation and luxury, aging of the population and sustainability. Primarily, we pick interest in investment opportunities in Cambodia but we are open to extending our investment portfolio to any geographic location where strategic presence is required.

Our Investment strategy includes the following:

  • Dealing with equity investments worth between $ 1 million and $ 5 million
  • Partnering with major international or local business groups if required
  • Creating the foundation of the future economy of Cambodia by providing financial services in rural areas as well as investing in the food industry, energy and telecommunications, consumer goods, infrastructure and building materials.
  • Helping investees in the area of management, operations, business strategy, cross-border recognition, corporate governance, fundraising and accounting / legal / IT support
  • Creating exit through self-liquidation or private sales by strategic investors, co-investor or other mutual funds and IPOs in local markets.

Our Process

Depending on certain factors, the investment process may take more or less time. The entire process usually takes about 1-3 months, which starts from initial discussions to the signing of final contracts, including purchase and sale agreements, shareholder and participation agreements.

Thus, if you have a good investment plan/project that needs financing, we can either provide you with the finance or help you get the required resources from our partners.